Care Tips For Your Aging Dog


You've cared for your dog since he was just a pup, watched him grow into a full size playful dog, taught him and played with him for years - your dog is your family. Now your dog is aging, showing gray and probably moving a bit slower than before. Just because your pup is growing old doesn't mean you should care for him any less. If anything, he may need extra care.

9 March 2018

Frequent Hairballs? Your Cat May Have Pica Disorder


Hairballs aren't fun for cats or their owners, and frequent hairballs can leave both feeling distressed. Cats shouldn't have hairballs on a regular basis, especially if you regularly groom your cat. If your cat is still frequently producing hairballs, it might mean that your cat has a disorder called pica. Keep reading to learn more about this problem and what you can do to combat it. What is Pica Pica is an obsessive compulsive disorder where the sufferer feels the need to eat things that aren't food.

5 December 2017

Protecting Your Pet: What To Expect During Annual Check Ups For Your Dog


Just like humans, furry family members benefit from yearly wellness visits. Older dogs often require twice-yearly visits for closer monitoring. Most check ups are quick, but they can help you identify health problems early, which gives your dog the best possible outcome. Early diagnosis can also save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on treatments for conditions that are more expensive to treat as they advance, such as cancer.    

14 November 2017

Easy Rider: 4 Reasons Your Dog Should Keep Its Head Inside The Car


If your dog loves to ride with its head sticking out of the window, you might want to roll the windows up on your next trip. While it might seem perfectly safe for your dog to ride this way, the practice can actually prove quite dangerous. Here are just four of the reasons why you should stop your dog from sticking its head out the window while you drive. Flying Objects

26 October 2017

Basic Puppy Care: A Guide For First-Time Dog Owners


Getting your first dog is exciting, but it also means a long-time commitment to healthy and safety of your new pet. You can enjoy the journey of puppyhood (including the less glamorous tasks of potty training and housebreaking), but there some some essential care tips that every dog owner needs to know. Here are some healthy and safety guidelines that you should follow as you bring a new puppy into your home.

27 September 2017

Core Vaccinations For Your New Kitten


Getting a new pet is exciting, and you'll want to set aside plenty of time to play, cuddle and get to know your new family member. But it's important to look after her health too. Most kittens can leave their mothers when they're around eight weeks old, and they can begin getting their first core vaccinations (the ones every cat should get) as early as six weeks, so make sure to ask for any pet vaccination records your kitten has when you get him and set an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as you can after bringing your baby home.

26 August 2017

4 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Is Wheezing


Noticing that your cat is experiencing a difficulty in breathing, such as wheezing, can be alarming for pet owners. In most cases, wheezing indicates a more serious problem has developed and your cat needs medical attention. Read on to learn four of the more common reasons why your cat may be wheezing. Allergies Cats can experience allergies just like humans do. In fact, your cat could even be more inclined to have an allergic reaction than you do to substances in the outside world.

26 July 2017