Easy Rider: 4 Reasons Your Dog Should Keep Its Head Inside The Car


If your dog loves to ride with its head sticking out of the window, you might want to roll the windows up on your next trip. While it might seem perfectly safe for your dog to ride this way, the practice can actually prove quite dangerous. Here are just four of the reasons why you should stop your dog from sticking its head out the window while you drive.

Flying Objects

If you're like most people, you've probably had your windshield chipped, or cracked, by at least one piece of flying debris. The same debris that can crack your window, can harm your dog. You might not realize this, but each time your dog sticks its head out the window, it runs the chance of being struck by a rock or piece of glass. Not only that, but if someone flicks a cigarette out their window when they drive past your car, your dog could get burned by the hot ashes. Protect your dog from flying debris. Make sure it keeps it's head in the car when you're driving.

Accidental Suffocation

If you have automatic windows in your car, which most people do, your dog is at risk for accidental suffocation. If your dog has its head outside when you close the windows, it could be suffocated. Unfortunately, if you're not paying attention, or your dog is unable to make a noise to struggle, you might not realize what's happened until it's too late. Don't take chances with the safety of your dog. Teach your dog to keep its head in the window at all times.

Jumping from Vehicle

If your dog likes to ride with its head out the window, it could see something that catches its attention, in a big way. Unfortunately, dogs don't always have the best self-control when they're excited. If your dog gets excited by something it sees outside, it could jump before you had the chance to react. Even if you keep the windows up far enough to prevent its entire body from getting out of the car, it could still attempt to get out. If that happens, it's head could get stuck, causing serious injuries to your dog, or even death, before you were able to pull over.

Car Accidents

If you spend enough time on the road, chances are good that you'll eventually be involved in a car accident. If your dog has its head sticking out of the window during an accident, it could be seriously injured, especially if your car is sideswiped. Protect your dog during an accident by ensuring it always has its head inside the car. Talk to your veterinarian for more help.


26 October 2017

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