Why Spaying Your Female Pet Is Beneficial


If you are the caregiver to a female cat or dog, and she has not yet been spayed, you want to make an appointment to have this procedure done as soon as her veterinarian recommends it safe to do so. There are several benefits obtained when you have this surgery conducted for your pet.

You Do Not Need To Worry About Kittens Or Puppies

When a female pet is spayed, her reproductive organs are completely removed from her body. She will no longer be able to carry offspring, giving you the peace of mind that unwanted kittens or puppies will not be brought into the world by your pet. This is the main reason why people spay their female animals. The surgery conducted is quick and will eliminate the potential for your pet to become pregnant in the future. The process can be done when your cat or dog is relatively young, however, your pet's veterinarian should be contacted so you can schedule an appointment to discuss the best time for this surgery.

Some Reproductive Problems Are Eliminated

When a pet's reproductive organs are removed from the body, the potential for health issues tied to the reproductive system is eliminated. Your dog or cat will not suffer from cancer of reproductive organs as they will no longer be present within their body. This is an important benefit that helps to prolong your dog or cat's life.

Nuisance Behavior Will Diminish Or End

When a female dog or cat is fertile, she will use several behavioral actions in an attempt to attract a partner for reproductive reasons. This will happen even if there are no male dogs or cats in her vicinity. Some of the behaviors pets display during this time are considered annoying or difficult to deal with for pet owners. Cats will yowl loudly, mark their territory by urinating upon items within your home, crouch down and lift their hind end up while performing a marchlike action, or become less friendly with those who live in the household. Dogs will bark more often, try running out of the home when doors open, and become more aggressive. When you have your pet spayed, these behaviors will either decrease or come to an end altogether. This is a great benefit for pet owners who find it difficult to tend to their pets when they are displaying acts of behavior out of the norm. 

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3 October 2022

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