Care Tips For Your Aging Dog


You've cared for your dog since he was just a pup, watched him grow into a full size playful dog, taught him and played with him for years - your dog is your family. Now your dog is aging, showing gray and probably moving a bit slower than before. Just because your pup is growing old doesn't mean you should care for him any less. If anything, he may need extra care. See below for tips to care for your aging dog.

Change Food

Change his food to geriatric food, which is high in protein, lower in fat and high in the vitamins and minerals he needs. You can talk to your veterinarian about which geriatric pet food is best for your dog, as well as how much you should be feeding your dog. If your dog is overweight, his age may show much more than if your dog is in shape. If he is overweight, be sure to get him onto a diet so he can shed those excess pounds.

Exercise Daily

You should still exercise your dog, it may not be the same as it used to, but your dog is still going to need some sort of exercise to stay in shape and to stay healthy. Take walks with your dog, but if you notice he cannot handle the long walk, change it to a shorter one. Play fetch and tug with your dog as well, again, change up the routine to shorter fetching if your dog gets tired easily.

Strengthen Bones

Keep your dog's bones and joints healthy and strong by giving him a glucosamine supplement daily. Talk to your veterinarian about which type to use and how much to give to your dog. These supplements can strengthen the bones to prevent injuries to your aging dog such as hip dysplasia.

Visit The Veterinarian Regularly

A visit to the veterinarian is essential with your aging dog. Your veterinarian will be able to spot a potential health problem before it becomes a bigger issue. Talk to your veterinarian about any noticeable changes in your dog such as sudden weight loss or gain, differences in routine such as sleeping more frequently or not eating as much. Also take note of any lumps or bumps on your dog that weren't there before.

Your dog has been there with you for his entire life and given you some great years, return the favor and be there for your dog in his aging years by taking good care of him. Contact a vet service, like Baywood Animal Hospital, for more help.


9 March 2018

Talking About Vet Services

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