4 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Is Wheezing


Noticing that your cat is experiencing a difficulty in breathing, such as wheezing, can be alarming for pet owners. In most cases, wheezing indicates a more serious problem has developed and your cat needs medical attention. Read on to learn four of the more common reasons why your cat may be wheezing.


Cats can experience allergies just like humans do. In fact, your cat could even be more inclined to have an allergic reaction than you do to substances in the outside world. For example, if your cat was bred somewhere far from your home and you then relocated them, they may not have developed the resistance to your local pollen and other outdoor allergens. In addition, if your cat goes outside, chances are they're wading through local plants. Pollen from these plants can collect on your cat's face and fur, increasing their chances of having an allergic response.


Cats may wheeze if they're having difficulty breathing due to an upper respiratory virus. There are several forms of upper respiratory viruses that can affect cats, although one of them is recurring. If your cat wasn't vaccinated against feline herpes, they could develop flare-ups that trigger upper respiratory symptoms like wheezing. Although there's no cure for this virus, treatment is possible if a veterinarian's assistance is sought.

Foreign Object

Cats may wheeze if a foreign object invades their lungs, nasal passageways, or esophagus. One common culprit that can cause this problem is foxtail weeds. Unlike an allergic response, foxtails can actually wedge themselves into a cat's lungs and nasal passageways if a cat inhales them. This can trigger wheezing as inflammation develops from the presence of a foreign body, or if an infection has developed due to the tissues being penetrated.


Lastly, cats who develop anemia may have difficulty breathing that manifests as a wheeze. Cats need an adequate supply of red blood cells in order to process and transfer oxygen throughout the body. If there isn't enough blood, it can be difficult for a cat to breathe well. They may strain to inhale more deeply, which may sound like a wheeze.

With the exception of allergies, all of these causes are serious medical conditions that should be attended to immediately. Even allergies can be miserable for cats to experience, so if you notice your kitty wheezing, get to an emergency veterinarian. Doing so can drastically improve how your cat feels and potentially save their life.

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26 July 2017

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