Why Spaying Your Female Pet Is Beneficial


If you are the caregiver to a female cat or dog, and she has not yet been spayed, you want to make an appointment to have this procedure done as soon as her veterinarian recommends it safe to do so. There are several benefits obtained when you have this surgery conducted for your pet. You Do Not Need To Worry About Kittens Or Puppies When a female pet is spayed, her reproductive organs are completely removed from her body.

3 October 2022

What Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About Anaplasmosis: Dog Tick Disease


One of the joys of having an active dog is going on outdoor adventures with them. But while Fido runs through grass and weeds, they can pick up some hijackers called ticks. Bites from ticks that are infected with bacteria can transfer the bacteria to your dog. This is how dogs get Lyme disease, but Lyme disease isn't the only tick-borne illness to worry about. Anaplasmosis is another tick-borne disease that can cause serious health risks for your four-legged companion.

29 June 2022